Squirrel Hunter’s Breakfast

This is a great, simple breakfast that eats well after a cold morning of late season squirrel hunting. Though you can use any squirrel, a young (and small) squirrel is ideal. Older squirrels are better suited for other dishes or, should ideally be brined first.

photo (60)

Young squirrels can easily be identified not only by their size, but by their front teeth as well as their ears. Older squirrels’ ears tend to have “ragged”  edges from years of tough living as well as teeth that show wear.

Chef/hunter Jesse Griffiths has a more codified, “camp” version of this recipe in his excellent book Afield (which is highly recommended).


  1. 1  squirrel (preferably young), cut into 6 pieces
  2. 3 pieces of bacon
  3. 1 small onion
  4. 2 small potatoes
  5. salt, pepper & seasonings of choice (I use a bit of smoked paprika)
  6. *Habanero sauce (optional)

photo (61)

1. Heat your cast iron skillet to a high temp

2. Place the bacon  on until the fat beging to render

3. Add the Squirrel, Onions, Potatoes, salt, pepper and other seasonings.

photo (62)

4. Cook and stir until the squirrel is cooked through, about 25 minutes.

5. Serve and eat.

6 responses to “Squirrel Hunter’s Breakfast

  1. Looks great man!

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