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Camping Outdoors? Bring Your Own Portable Camping Toilet!!!

When you say camping, you often think of young folks, however, there are some people that just love the feel of the outdoors, regardless of how old they are.

Camping has changed in so many ways, you can have it as primitive or as sophisticated as you need it to be. For campers that prefer it to be a bit sophisticated, bringing a portable camping toilet with them is essential.

If you are purchasing your own camping toilet, you’ll realize that there are several designs that you can choose from.

Some simpler types are nothing more than a plastic chair with a plastic bag attached at the bottom of the hole. You can simply remove and throw away the bag afterwards. The odors are taken care of by chemical additives.

There are also more camping toilets that you can choose to buy. Everything is pretty much self-contained and cleanup is simple and easy. If you do not have a camper, you can easily set up a canopy for some privacy.

Some portable camping toilets may be just a notch above your regular home toilet, but it helps you become more comfortable when outdoors.

It is also helpful to have one if you bring your children along with you when camping. You kids can easily use it in the night time so you won’t have to go hunting for the actual facilities.

If you are looking to cut on costs, there are portable toilets that you can buy that are really cheap. Some of them are of course, just a notch higher than a regular bucket. It is important to consider your needs in this case.

On the other hand, you can get toilets that can use chemicals in them. They are pricier and often a bit bulky, so you might want to consider the space that you have available before getting one. It is also important to be careful when handling the chemicals especially if you have small children.

The Best Portable Toilets for Camping

Why suffer with poor quality camping toilets? There are a variety of camping toilets to choose from, so get one now.

Lightweight and Affordable Camping Toilets

Finding an affordable and lightweight portable camping toilet model is often the most important features for campers. Some of the most simple, “no frills” types of portable camping toilets are bucket toilet models.

They are also some of the most affordable types of portable camping toilets available. The Luggable Loo is probably the most popular bucket camping toilet currently on the market, costing under $25.

Bucket camping toilets generally consist of a toilet seat and lid that sits on top of a five gallon bucket (some will fit the larger seven gallon buckets as well).

They can be used with disposable camping toilet bags to nearly completely eliminate the need for cleaning out the buckets after use. They are simple, yet durable. However, given their bulky design, these models are not well suited for hikers or backpackers.

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Collapsible Models For Hiking And Backpacking

Just because a camping toilet is lightweight, doesn’t necessarily mean it is well suited for longer hiking and backpacking trips. To have a portable camping toilet that can fit into a backpack, for example, you will want it to be both lightweight and collapsible.

One of the best collapsible (or folding) portable camping toilet models for hikers and backpackers is the TravelJohn. Weighing under four pounds, it is well suited for long hiking and backpacking trips. It has a stable, steel frame and a padded seat as well. You will need a TravelJohn Solid Waste Collection Kit to use with the toilet, but both the toilet and the kit are quite affordable.

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Environmentally Responsible Models

One of the main reasons to purchase a portable camping toilet is to take care of the environment you will camping in, and you can take this step even further by using composting or environmental camping toilets.

These models will avoid using any chemicals in their processing of waste, and will instead rely on composting and similar processes to dispose of waste in an environmentally responsible manner.

One of the best portable environmental toilets currently on the market is the PETT Environmental Toilet.

This sturdy portable toilet can hold individuals weighing up to 500 pounds yet can also fold up compactly into the size of a small briefcase. It is fairly light, weight just seven pounds, and is a standard model used by the Forest and Park Service as well as FEMA. It uses an environmental powder to gel liquids, removes odor and help catalyze decay inside biodegradable bags.

Another great option is the BoiToi portable camping toilet. The Boi-Toi uses 100% compostable and biodegradable bio-bags to dispose of waste. It was developed in collaboration with the Norwegian Armed Forces and is used by NATO forces in many different regions of the world.

Each Bio Bag will decompose within 40 days when composted properly, making it one of the most environmentally friendly and lightweight (4.4 lbs) portable camping toilet solutions. It is also quite affordable, costing under $50 and including an initial supply of Bio Bags.

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Comfortable Flush Models

For those looking for portability without sacrificing comfort, there are many choices. For many, comfort means using a portable toilet that mimics what you have at home – including having a comfortable seat design and the ability to flush the toilet when finished. These models are generally best when you will be camping in the same area for an extended period of time. Most of these models are well suited for use by multiple individuals as well.

The Sanitation Equipment Visa 268 Deluxe Portable Toilet is ideal for those who want portability and comfort. This toilet is surprisingly lightweight (weighing under twelve pounds) yet also extremely efficient, easy to use and comfortable. It is perfect for a variety of uses – everything from camping trips to RV and boat use.

It has a leak and odor proof seal, making it not only comfortable but also pleasant to use. The toilet uses a piston-type flush system with a bi-directional rinse process, and its surface is quite easy to clean after use. This is one of the best flush portable camping toilets currently on the market!

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