Thanksgiving Turkey

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I’m not easily impressed with Thanksgiving turkeys. In fact, I’m fine with skipping traditional turkeys altogether in favor of venison, duck or goose, which are  more traditional in terms of Thanksgiving table fare. For round 1 of Thanksgiving (hosting a work related party), we kept things pretty straight forward and offered turkey and ham. (our […]

November 19, 2017

Late Season Mature Buck Success

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In last week’s post, I wrote a bit about a specific area that I have been focusing on as of late. Though I do not consider myself a trophy hunter per say, like many hunters, within the confines of hunting, I spend a lot of time hunting deer, I don’t necessarily kill or seek to […]

December 22, 2014

How Exercise Changes Our DNA

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Having been in and out of shape a couple of times in life, a few times in excellent shape (at least with regards to specific sports and skills) and having bounced back from a 4-5 year slump about a year and a half ago, it does seem that the body (both muscles and conditioning) have […]

December 18, 2014