Simply Delicious!


Evening all! I am pleased to say that I got a lot done at work and feel like I’ve made a little more progress than the rest of the week. Thanks for all your well wishes, they really mean a lot. The good news is that it’s FRIDAY tomorrow!

I am so looking forward to 5.30pm tomorrow – it’ll be the weekend. Tomorrow evening Tim and I are going over to his parents to watch the England vs Algeria match. His mum is doing a BBQ and I think it’s turning into a party. So I don’t think I’ll be blogging tomorrow evening – worry not, I will be taking loads of pictures for you which I’ll share on Saturday.

So onto my eats. Breakfast today was a repeat of Tuesday but with a twist – Oats with two Weetabix on top and a sprinkling of Cheerios.

This is fast becoming another cereal favourite of mine. I just love how the oats and Weetabix soak up all the milk and become creamy. Then the Cheerios give just the right amount of crunch. The only bad thing is that it doesn’t keep me filled up until lunchtime. Maybe because there isn’t enough oats – gotta get more oats!

I was absolutely starving by 1pm but wasn’t able to have my lunch as I went on a little shopping spree…..don’t worry bank account it wasn’t for me, it was for my best friend at home. It’s her birthday on Monday so I got her a few presents that I’m going to send to her in the post.

I got her the 3rd Twilight book (I know she loves Edward!), a card, some cute bracelets, a hairband and some cool socks. It doesn’t seem like much but I can at least send this in the post so she’ll have it to open on Monday. Not sure whether to wrap them though or as they will be in an envelope I don’t need to……

When I finally got back to work I devoured lunch – a chicken salad sandwich, a banana and a little pot of mixed nuts and raisins. Oh yes, a normal lunch for me!

After work today I went to the gym and once again it was heaving! All the treadmills and cross trainers were full so once again I did a bike workout. I was a bit disappointed as I was hoping to do some ellipticalising (if that’s a word!) for 45 mins.

But my bike ride was actually knackering! I think it was because I rode on Tuesday so my legs were still a bit tired. I did 30 mins, alternating between level 4 and 3 (five mins on each) and covered 11.4km. I then jumped on the only free treadmill to do a five minute cool down. I ran at 8km/hr for 5 mins. My groin was actually ok which is good, it did twinge a bit but after the first minute I didn’t really notice it. I left the gym feeling very very sweaty and like I had done a good workout.

I then rushed home to a DELICIOUS dinner – half a Cornish pasty and half a Steak and Stilton pasty with mashed potato, roasted red onion, butternut squash and parsnips and onion gravy (god that was a mouthful!) All of this was lovingly prepared by Tim (thanks baby!). He did all the peeling of the veggies by himself as I was in the gym. He said he felt like he was a chef!! I am going to let the pictures tell the story of this delicious dinner!

I can’t get over how good this was! We were originally going to have vegetarian haggis with mashed potato and roast veg but there was none in the shops booo. So Tim decided on the next best thing. The pasties were truly delicious, especially the Steak and Stilton one as you could really taste the Stilton.

Love the cheese! My portion was quite huge actually and I did leave some of the veggies so I had room to finish the pastry and mashed potato! Ok so pasties aren’t the most healthy of foods, and this isn’t the most healthy of meals, but I was so hungry after the gym I devoured it and loved every bite!


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