Carnivore News: Monday Feb 10

  1. Kentucky’s Courier-Journal reports Winter Squirrel Hunting has many advantages

  2. discusses the horse meat issue. Horse Meat Casserole? The British hate horse meat, but the French love it

  3. Men’s Fitness has the Paleo Diet Beginner’s Guide

  4. Big changes proposed in Ohio Deer Hunting Season. 

  5. Intelligent Travel lists the 10 Best BBQ joints in America. (this matter is heavily debatable) 

  6. The Harvard Health Letter is suggesting that Charred meat increases the likelihood of causing various forms of cancer. However, the jury is still out on this one. 

  7. Pacific Standard reports  on the lack of biodiversity  and why we need to eat them to save them. on “Even cows. But today, 99 percent of turkeys eaten in America come from a single breed, the Broad-Breasted White. More than 80 percent of dairy cows are Holsteins and 75 percent of pigs come from just three breeds.”



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