How To Catch Crawfish:

Whether you phone them crayfish, crawfish, yabbies, crawdads, freshwater (or hill ) lobsters or even (shudder)”mudbugs” there is not any doubt the members of the humble set of decapods are still an essential food source all around the world and understanding how to capture crawfish may be the lost chapter at a fisherman’s life publication.

This guide will examine the worth of those shellfish for means and a food supply for getting them. Through the guide, they will be known as crayfish, for ease of reference, even although it ought to be said that in Australia the word denotes the sea going Rock Lobster (freshwater crayfish being called”yabbies”).


Crayfish species have been observed in several regions of the planet — especially Europe (where there are seven species found ), North America, Australia, and Eastern Asia (including Japan).

In most nations, indigenous species reside alongside (or in competition with) introduced or”invasive” species: frequently producing difficulties for wildlife conservationists in these nations but chances for the gourmet!

A fantastic case of this conflict will be located in the united kingdom, in which species which were initially introduced to provide to the supermarket (especially the Signal Crayfish) have outcompeted the indigenous White Clawed Crayfish and attracted ailments, such as the so called”crayfish plague”, where the indigenous species don’t have any natural immunity.

aiding the conservation battle in a lot of ways by eliminating large amounts of crayfish the trekker can congratulate themselves!

In spite of this truth, the united kingdom government nevertheless make it tricky to forage for those beasties by requiring a license for trapping (maybe perhaps not hand-lining or netting though) crayfish and via its restrictive accessibility laws; practically every square foot of the united kingdom is owned by somebody and consent to get land has to be searched before trapping may commence.

Recently, the continent of Africa has witnessed crayfish inhabitants establish themselvesthrough introduced species (especially the Red Swamp Crayfish). I’m sure it won’t be long until massive amounts of those lobsters elegance quantities of people around the southern part of Africa’s dinner tables.


Crayfish habitats differ from species to species — by swamps, ditches and ponds (the aptly called”Red Swamp Crayfish” will endure those circumstances ) to rivers and massive lakes. A species is, that the more Prairie Crayfish, which resides away from some water on grasslands!

In general you’ll look as they’re pretty intolerant of contamination to aim the freshwater species from brooks, rivers, and ponds: the more complicated the water better.

The majority of the species that is typical don’t enjoy water, and when searching for these in regions of water or locations where it’s ordinary, concentrate on rivers and lakes. Since they prefer to create burrows in the sand, the existence of soft sand is a necessity (and provides them their title”mud bugs”).

Additionally, it is worth mentioning that crayfish are located where you will find large amounts of stones they can utilize to conceal under and escape predators.

It is ideal to do during the night when they are active Whenever you’re exploring a place for the existence of those crustaceans !


For placing crayfish the 5 most Prosperous strategies are, to greatest in order from extreme E/R levels:


A strategy used in a circumstance once you have resources to utilize and stumble unprepared.

It scores low over the E/R ratio since it is going to take a while to”get your eye in” — even crayfish are amazingly quickly using their tail for propulsion, frequently aided by the present and, being some other spearfisherman will inform you, contemplating water does strange things to the understanding because of refraction (frequently leaving you grabbing at thin atmosphere ).

Crawfishing by hands can be frustrating because you leave you floundering in their wake and lift stones to understand your quarry zoom off, but persistence will pay off. Crayfish in its midst and do not be put away as it begins flapping its tail when crawfishing by hand intention to catch the goal.

That these ought to be of no issue Even though it’s armed with pincers: even the pincers of a male crayfish can do no harm, even although you will discover that their tweaking to you!


A technique employed in the oceans in dusk or from the light of a flashlight, suffers from precisely exactly the exact identical problems outlined previously but these may be relieved by utilizing a spear. 1 aspect to take into account is the simple fact that, since you’re fishing in the shallows, then you’re more inclined to be obtaining (smaller) feminine crayfish working with this technique.

Nothing is demanded here: a sharpened branch spear is going to do the task to quitting a throw as that armor onto a crayfish is not up! In picking a branch to your own spear choose one which has and the stubs sharpened.

If that is not possible think about holding the segments apart and then dividing the spear . Another few tips would be to harden this spear prongs from the campfire’s hints prior also to aim to permit for the refraction and to utilize.


Employing a approach to that used by generations of boys to capture beats off jetties and piers the globe over it’s likely to utilize the inherent stubbornness of the crayfish . A fantastic new bait (see trapping under ) is what is needed without a hook (besides to maintain the lure if chosen ) is required. That an rock could possibly be asked to maintain the lure in place in flowing water.

Reduce the lure to the water (night is your very ideal time with this) then give it a little time you may know every time a crayfish (or 2 ) has spilled on as a result of excess burden at stake. Increase the handline, taking care to not smear it and pull any crayfish.

Handlining may be the strategy of the E/R Ratio however is still a tool that is helpful to look at an area which you’re currently contemplating searching for crayfish.


Utilizing either a managed net (using solid metal or timber rim) or even a fall mesh (these could be improvised readily from almost any netting cloth and an older bicycle wheel to your rim) it’s rather simple to catch great numbers of crayfish.

When employing a drop web the most effective technique is very likely to use it within an energetic snare — baiting the centre with a few hot titbit (see below for lure notions ) and lifting the contraption in periods to eliminate crayfish who’ve been enticed.

Employing a net lets you become active. Having recognized your quarry place before transferring your hands in the entrance supporting the crayfish, as though you tried to grab it. This crayfish’s flight intuition will kick and make it propel itself backward in your web that is waiting.

Both of these methods are extremely powerful, losing out at the E/R ratio simply since they need the active participation of their fisherman such as…. .


Traps come in many kinds

  • Pillow
  • Pyramid
  • Barrel

Using its”set and forget” simplicity, superb grab yields (a normal haul may be in the area of all both 2-3lbs, in certain regions a drag of 15lbs isn’t indicative of!) And the simple fact it is going to often capture the biggest aggressive crayfish trapping outscores the rest of the approaches hands down.


Even though there are lots of sorts of crayfish trap all operate around the exact identical basic principal for a crab or lobster pot (but using a finer net of approximately 3/4″ max ), especially by bringing the crayfish via a simple to have through opening utilizing bait and creating the return travel much tougher (typically employing a conical entranceway using overhang).

Among the explanations for is the seals can be quite lightweight and easily transported. Among the most popular with ferry travelers and backpackers (and rightly so) is that the”Jackpot” design initially developed in Sweden several years back.

Folding horizontal and using a rounded profile (less inclined to get buried at the bottom silt compared to the usual square profile) and weighing just around 1lb 8oz (less than 1kg) this exceptionally powerful socket type trap is easy to get for under $5 per.



You are able to grab crayfish using traps nature that is wandering and their fascination leading them but the more better, the accession of a lure, will improve your possible.

Baits have contained tins of cat foods and bits of leftover offal but maybe the trekker is fish bones/ bowels.

The quantity of bait will likely have an effect the crayfish will grow more energetic in seeking a means and several will do 48, after the lure is eaten up.


Preparing the region you plan to snare, by clearing out any drifting weed and transferring some appropriate horizontal stones to the region (this habitat development technique may also be utilized together with a few of the additional grabbing methods outlined previously ), is worth the excess effort, particularly in the event that you mean to rap the region within a longer period.

Traps anchored indoors if the stream is powerful and should be placed to cover them. Most a few having a attached — when you’re readily available, that ought to be attached into some tree or stone or pegged down.

As always you need to have a note of where you can put your snare if you’re currently following a spinning pattern which usually means you’ll see occasionally. It meaning you will be without a food source and a bit of gear and your snare — is easy to lose your bearings.

In case you’ve got a GPS or watch etc., apply itdepending upon the version, if you’re fortunate enough, you are going to have the ability to utilize icons so that you do not receive your base camp along with your trap!


This is maybe the most artful portion of the entire process: understanding that the best period to haul your snare (s). There are lots of factors to consider — lure (as mentioned previously ), year (the breeding period, generally April, being the very elusive ) and, above all, the resident crayfish inhabitants: in certain regions there are numerous that a trap will probably fill up at 4-5 hours, even elsewhere 48 hours might be required to get a fantastic catch.

1 consideration when determining if to look at out a trap would be the contest: mink and otters, particularly, aren’t over raiding a snare. Even though some trap makers would have you think their cubes are”otter evidence”, I have yet to observe a lightweight mobile trap an otter would not shred if it truly wanted to.

In case you don’t have any option except to attempt to snare in locations where these mammals exist (search for indications and prevent if possible) it may be smart to bed down nearer to your own traps and inhale in the neighborhood area: that combo of human existence and odor should place off them adequately, but I would still wish to look at out the traps more often than elsewhere.

Like many other wilderness, foraging and searching methods, it’s a matter of trial and error: I would suggest initially assessing cubes each 8-12 hours (following a nighttime ) and stretching or, even if you’re fortunate, diminishing out there. Do on preventing snagging on any obstacles, bearing in mind the snare may have changed a bit, when pulling up your traps.


Fancy restaurants simply appreciate the crayfish tails and also will drop anything in the legs but accurate crayfish aficionados will let you know some of the best pieces are the claw meat, even although fiddly for at, and also the”mustard” available at the mind.

Crayfish should be cooked promptly or living and not stored dead for later usage. Then they may be stored in a sack or net bag from the water for a day approximately Should you have a surplus of crayfish. You’re probably better off with the surplus as fish bait however, to attempt to secure yet another food supply (with less chance of protein poisoning).

Cooking them could not be simpler — as kebabs within the flame or griddled is nice, but likely the most baffling and beneficial means is to boil them (less ingestion material will have a tendency to get lost this way also ).

Bring a billy can of soapy water to a boil then plunge the live crayfish to the water, then cover and return to the boil before including some herbs you might have caught or attracted (fennel or dill being great ) and simmer for 708 seconds.

To eliminate of the nasties could not be easier: till you feel it snap pull the mind , bend the crayfish tail lover to the mind and the mind will be come off with by the buts. The meat produces a fantastic inclusion to stews and chowders or may be livened up with pepper, or mustard seed that is wild.

Next time that you’re packing your back for a lengthy wilderness trek, or operating on your insect out bags contents provide you a crayfish trap your thought: you might not have the ability to reside on them forever however they’re not hard to capture and prepare, ample and make a fantastic fishing lure for bass and trout in particular.


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